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All hair salon services list

  • Shampoo: This involved a head massage with shampoo and conditional added to keep your hair’s root and give you a relaxing vibe.
  • Haircut- KIDS: Kids don’t really enjoy haircuts, but here we make sure they not only enjoy the hair cut, but also get the look that makes them look truly innocent.
  • Haircut-Senior: Seniors of our society are a blessing, let’s have a wisdom talk while you get a haircut.
  • Haircut- ADULTS: If you are between the ages of 11-64, this one is for you. Get the image you have in your mind come to reality.
  • Haircut- MILITARY: We salute men and women, we are there to protect us at all times. Get a haircut at a discounted price.
  • Haircut & Style: This includes not only a haircut but also get your hair styled after the haircut to get a whole new look.
  • Bang Trim: Trimming always gives a neat and fresh look, and so does this one.
  • Beard Trim: Get your beard and mustache trimmed to get a more handsome look. Become the next hottest hunk.
  • Consultation Color: Determine the color that is best suited with your skin tone and hair texture. No more regrets!
  • Color Removal: Sometimes you get the color you do not like on yourself, get it removed to look great again.
  • Color: Give yourself a new fresh look with a color that suits you the most. New color, new me!
  • Color W/Treatment: Treat yourself with not just a hair color but also enjoy a treatment along with her for a whole new look.
  • Root Touch  up & Blow-dry: Messy hair can be a headache, worry no more, this headache is hours to make them look the best on you.
  • Highlights: A mixture of shades truly mixes confidence in one’s personality.
  • Consultation Hair Extensions: Discussion about the hair extensions before getting them done can save a lot of money. Decide and then do it!
  • Purchase Hair Extensions: We have Hair extensions lengths 10”-30”. A consultations is required to perfectly match you with the correct color of Hair Extensions.
  • Extension Install: Get your newly brought extensions installed and fixed for a party or an event.
  • Hair Extensions maintenance/ removal: Leaving your hair extension unattended can damage them and your roots as well. Get them maintained or remove the installed hair extensions.
  • Closure W/Extension Install: Get the best look with your selected Extension.
  • Tape Extensions: This includes your install blend/trim and styling of extensions to make them look great and suited to the event you are wearing them to.
  • Waxing: Includes, Chin, Lips, Chest, Legs, Back, under arm, Full face to get that girly face.
  • Brow Shaping: No one likes bushy brows, get them shaped.
  • Conditioning Treatment: Having rough hair? Get a condition treatment to get soft hair.
  • Brazilian Blowout: Have you got wavy hair? Make them appear smooth and healthy. If you have straight hair, compliment them with a beaming shine.
  • Silk Press- Groupon: Shampoo, condition, blow dry and then flat iron to get a silky finish.
  • Relaxer: Are you tensed and feel like you need to relax? This includes process, conditioning treatment, haircut and basic style. Kind of a salon therapy.
  • Perm: Straighten your curly hair to completely change your outer look followed by a hair trim and styling to give a new fresh look.
  • Styling: Get any themed style hair, whether it be a party, wedding or any event.
  • Braids: One of the old times classics still giving a modern look.
  • Blow Dry: Having flat hair and looking for some volume, go for a blow dry.
  • Style Hair Flatiron: Get the hair shampooed along with a blow dry to bring some volume to your hair. Perfect for a casual day or an event.
  • Consultation Eyelash Extensions: Patch test is conducted to check if the eyelash suits you and gives you a unique and personal look. We plan the type of lash style. Consultation fee is returned to booked and completed appointment.
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions: Each lash receives an extension set in place to remain for 4-8 weeks. Best if you are going out of town and cant visit a salon for a month or two. Must book a consultation first.
  • Lash Extension: Also like the above services, get lash extensions. It is recommended to book a consultation first to try a patch first.
  • Lash Lift: Set the shape of your lashes permanently. You wouldn’t need to curl your lashes every now and then after this.
  • Lash Lift and Tint: Along with a lash lift, get them tinted to get a finer look. They are the hottest beauty trends now a days.
  • Brow Tint: If you are tired of filling your brows daily, get them tinted with a dye which will last a couple of weeks.